Question & Answer Series 180 Vademecum Series

Q: Good day,
I am looking for information about a book, Tales from Shakespeare. It does not have a copyright date and although there are photos of similar books, with the same title, I have yet to an exact match.

Attached are photos of the cover, the spine, the inside front pages one and two, and the inside back, along with a loose page.

Please feel free to contact me by return email or by phone. My information is listed below.

Thank you for your time and attention.

A: Your book is from the Vademecum Series and was published in 1907.

It is a late reprint of this title. It originally was sold within a labeled box.

Finding an exact match may be difficult because in 1907 there were more than 40 different paste-on pictures used for the cover of any one title and the covers have been seen so far in six different colors. Thus, there are a possible 240 plus specific covers for any one title.

For more about this series you can look here:

In terms of monetary value, it has nominal value only.