Question & Answer Series 185 Wee Books for Wee Folks

Q: Hello, I have just come across a wonderful version of 1st American Edition Peter Rabbit Wee Books series. Green(ish) cover. I feel that the book is not complete as it says on the title page that there are thirty-one illustrations—I only counted 20+. The pages are also separated from the spine some by signatures (some not and individual pages)…rightfully so, it is over 113 years old. I’m wondering what the value is on such a rare find in this condition would be.

My question too is, how can I compare my books illustration and pagination to get the book in order (outside of knowing the story line). It seems as though the blank pages are counted in the folio.

A: Although you have not sent a picture, here are the Altemus Peter Rabbit’s.

1904 First American
Second edition-
First format
Second edition-
Second format
Second edition-
Third format

Your copy is not the true first edition.

See here for information about the first and second editions:

In this shape the book has little or no value. These copies are not that rare.

The only way to order the pages is to compare them to a complete book. If you want to scan the pictures, I can put them in the correct order.