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The following are questions submitted via email by our visitors.

If you have a question about Altemus books that you'd like answered please click on the Questions link at the bottom left of this page.

We recommend that those inquiring about the identification of a particular book format send pictures along with their question.


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Questions & Answers
Date Series Num Information
24 Sep 2012 196

World's Classics Series

Q:  This book (Tales from Shakespeare) belonged to my mother. What can you tell me about it? It has an Introduction dated October 1878.

A:  Your book is part of the World's Classics Series and was published between 1912 and 1916. The books have been seen in red, green or brown. All of the books originally came within labeled boxes. The titles in this series are reprints.

For more information see ../series/series196.htm

15 Sep 2012 180

Vademecum Series

Q:  Can you give me information and possibly the probable value of this book, A Christmas Carol? See attached photos.

A:  Your book is part of the Vademecum Series, is a reprint and was published in 1904. See ../series/series180.htm.

During this year the front cover style came in a number of different colors. In addition, any one of four flower patterns have been seen on the paste-on (appliqué).

The books of this series originally came in a labeled box.

Because of its condition, you will be fortunate to sell it for more than a few dollars.

14 Sep 2012 130

Marqueterie Series

Q:  Hello, Could you me anything about this book (Milton's Poems)- age/value? Thank you!

A:  Your book was published in 1899 as part of the Marqueterie Series.(../series/series130.htm) As you can see, the cover is of the Japanese inlaid veneer style.

This publisher's series was only printed during 1899. Thus, it is one of the more uncommon large Altemus reprint series.

Regardless, the books of this series four the most part have limited value.

07 Sep 2012 186

Wee Books for Wee Folks

Q:  I have recently recvd a book (Mother Goose Nursery Tales) in a box lot at an auction that I can find no information about, so I thought I would write you and see if you could help me at all. I have enclosed a couple pictures as well. There is no address in the back, besides Philadelphia, and the book is in rough condition, but absolutely beautiful.

Thanks, Brittany

A:  Your book is part of the Wee Books for Wee Folks Series. See ../series/series186.htm

It was published between 1917 and the early 1930's. You can date your book more exactly by looking at the dating instructions revealed here: ../wee_books/index.htm

Generally the endpapers and the back ads which list other books in tho series give all the information you will need.

Originally your book came with a matching dust jacket.

05 Sep 2012 180

Vademecum Series

Q:  Hi, I have this Black Beauty book that I can't find any information on. It has a black cover, possibly leather, and it doesn't have a date printed in it at all. It does say Henry Altemus Company, which I read means it was printed in 1900 or later. I don't really know anything else about it. Thank you for taking time to help me out!

A:  Your book is part of the Vademecum Series and was published in 1902. It is a reprint and originally came in a labeled box.

For information about this series of books see ../series/series180.htm.

Most of the books of this series do not have significant value because the titles were reprinted so many times by so many publishers.

04 Sep 2012 69

Classics Series

Q:  I have this little book called "The Greatest Thing in the World" by Henry Drummond. Printed in Philadelphia by Henry Altemus Company. It doesn't have a date or anything else like that. I was just wondering when this book might have been published and what the value of it is. I am trying to send you a picture of it. It is dark green, 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" with gold writing on it. It is hard to see the writing on it, but that is what it is. It also has a picture of Henry Drummond in it.
I was just wondering if you could tell me something about it.

A:  Your book is part of the Classics Series. See ../series/series69.htm

It was published between 1907- ca.1909. It originally had a dust jacket.

Without the dust jacket it has only nominal value.

03 Sep 2012 179

Vademecum Series

Q:  Looking for any information on this book (The House of the Seven Gables). It was given to my son and he is very intrigued. Please email any information you can.

A:  Your book is part of the Vademecum Series. It was published in 1896. Originally it came within a labeled box.

As with all of the books of this series, it is a reprint.

For more information see ../series/series179.htm

02 Sep 2012 141

Petit Trianon Series

Q:  Good evening,
I hope you can tell me something about this book I found? It is a small hard bound book by Sir Walter Scott called Marmion: A tale of Flodden Field. It's a Henry Altemus, Manufacturer, Philadelphia publication.

I've attached a pic...let me know if you need more.

A:  Your book was published in 1895-1896 and is part of the Petit Trianon Series. It is a reprint. See ../series/series141.htm

During these years the left side of the cover had a stereotypical pattern while the right side had any one of a number of different decorative and/or floral designs.

It originally came in a labeled box.

01 Sep 2012 143

Petit Trianon Series

Q:  Hello, I have a book (Line Upon Line) published by Altemus that I would like to sell. It was left in an apartment unit I've been cleaning by the previous tenant who just turned 101 years old. Can you help me find the value? I'm attaching photos, as well.

Thanks very much for any help you can provide.

A:  Your book was published in 1907 as part of the Petit Trianon Series. It originally came in a labeled box.

This format has been seen with four different paste-ons (appliqués). Each has a different flower pictured. The other cover formats and a boxed book are shown here for completeness.

It is a reprint and has only nominal value.

31 Aug 2012 180

Vademecum Series

Q:  Hi, Can you tell me anything about this copy of Black Beauty?

A:  Your book is part of the Vademecum Series and was published in 1903. In 1903 the Vademecum books had the same cover template in a number of different colors. The appliqué (paste-on) is one of over 40 pictures that were used that year for the covers. Your cover is designated #43 on the site.

This book originally came with a labeled box. It is a reprint and has minimal value.

For more information see ../vademecum.htm and ../series/series180.htm.

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