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The following are questions submitted via email by our visitors.

If you have a question about Altemus books that you'd like answered please click on the Questions link at the bottom left of this page.

We recommend that those inquiring about the identification of a particular book format send pictures along with their question.


Click thumbnail images to enlarge.


Questions & Answers
Date Series Num Information
29 Apr 2015 179

Vademecum Series

Q:  Hello I have this book and would like you to look at the cover. I went thru the ones you have shown and I did not see it. The book is Cranford and original owner wrote a to and from on Christmas 1900.

A:  This is an 1897 book published in the Vademecum Series. The titles in this series are all reprints.

In 1897 these books were published in a number of different color covers. Originally they came in a labeled box. An example is shown here.

27 Apr 2015 47

Beauxarts Series

Q:  Was wondering info on this book and how much it might be worth Now days? (Weird Tales by Edgar Allan Poe)

A:  Your book is part of the Beauxarts Series and was published in 1898.

All of the titles in this series are reprints.

A Poe collector may give you a few dollars. Otherwise this reprint will be hard to sell.

25 Apr 2015 180

Vademecum Series

Q:  Good Afternoon,
Would you be able to tell me the approximate publishing date of these Altemus Publications of Milton’s Paradise Lost? Paradise Regained?

A:  These book are part of the Vademecum Series and were published between 1909-1912.

They are reprints as are all of the book of this longstanding publisher's series. The books were published with numerous different appliqués on the cover. Originally, these books came within a labeled box which is shown here.

09 Apr 2015 166

Slip in the Pocket Classics

Q:  This is a book that is in my wife's family, The Tent on the Beach. There is no copyright or any date for that matter. Can you help?

A:  Your book is part of the Slip in the Pocket Classics Series. It was published in the 1909-1915 time range.

Originally it was published with a dust jacket. An example is shown here.

Because this title is a reprint with little collector interest, it only has nominal value.

07 Apr 2015 180

Vademecum Series

Q:  i was looking to find some information on a book i have called "The Courtship of Miles Standish" was curious what year it was published. and what kind of value it holds. have sent photo of the book attached. ive had it for at least 30 years. I appreciate your time, and in hopes i will get your reply. no hurry.

A:  Your book is part of the Vademecum Series and was published in 1907. It originally came within a labeled box. An example is shown here.

It is a reprint and has nominal value.

During this publication year this book format was published in a number of colors with more than 40 appliqué pictures. See http://www.henryaltemus.com/vademecum.htm

05 Apr 2015 75

Devotional Series

Q:  Attached is a copy of the cover and title page of "Stepping Heavenward". Can you give me any information on the book and its value?

A:  Your book is part of the Devotional Series and was printed in the 1907 time frame.

It is a reprint and originally was published within a labeled box.

It only has nominal value.

03 Apr 2015 180

Vademecum Series

Q:  I have a copy of The Light Of Asia and the only date I can find is (c) 1899 under a picture of Sir Edwin Arnold. The book is very old, but I am unsure of how old or who to ask, please further advise.

A:  Your book is part of the Vademecum Series and was published in 1904.

This book originally came within a labeled box.

31 Mar 2015 179

Vademecum Series

Q:  Hopefully you can help me with these pictures. Longfellow Poems Volume I. The date of 1842 is in the calligraphy on the right side.

A:  Your book is part of the Vademecum Series and was published in 1896.

It originally came within a labeled box.

This title is a reprint and only has nominal value.

The 1842 date on the title page refers to the year of the establishment of Altemus & Co.

In 1896 this cover was published in several different colors. A couple are shown here.

29 Mar 2015 180

Vademecum Series

Q:  Wondering if this book has any value at all. I have not been able to find this particular cover. Thank you. Through the Looking Glass

A:  Your book was published as part of the Vademecum Series in 1903.

The cover picture is part of a larger European painting. If you look on the site, you will see that picture #33 is the same as your picture.

It is a reprint in only fair shape. So generally speaking it would have no real value. There are however a lot of Lewis Carroll collectors out there, one of whom may find your book special. You may want to list it on Ebay and try your luck.

27 Mar 2015 131

Mother Goose Series

Q:  Please can you help me shed some light on a book I have inherited when I lived in America. I cannot find any dates on it but the second to last page (96 in total) advertise the Mother Goose series 131 Volumes 12. I only have the one book (The House That Jack Built) and from the picture you can see it wasn't looked after before it was given to me. Please can you advise if this book is worth anything as I will therefore get it insured. Also if you require me to give you more details from within the book do let me know.

A:  This book is from the 12 title Mother Goose Series.

This title is from the first format of this series published in 1903.

These volumes were published with a dust jacket. An example from this format is shown here.

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