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The following are questions submitted via email by our visitors.

If you have a question about Altemus books that you'd like answered please click on the Questions link at the bottom left of this page.

We recommend that those inquiring about the identification of a particular book format send pictures along with their question.


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Questions & Answers
Date Series Num Information
06 Apr 2010 185

Wee Books for Wee Folks

Q:  Hi! Can you please tell me when this edition of The Tale of Peter Rabbit was published?

A:  Your book can be found here: Peter Rabbit

It was published between 1908-1917. It is the second edition of the second format of the Tale of Peter Rabbit title published by Altemus.

05 Apr 2010 87

Favorite Series

Q:  I have a copy of Alice in Wonderland from 1897. I was wondering what you could tell me about this book. It has forty-two illustrations in it, and looks like it is in good shape. I was wondering if it worth holding on too and passing down or is it a common book?

A:  Nice book. It is part of the Favorite Series (See: Series 87)

It was published in 1900 or 1901. Originally it had a dust jacket.

This Alice in Wonderland book is much scarcer than the very common Alice from the Young People's Library that seemingly is always for sale by someone on Ebay.

It's value can vary based on who sees the book advertised.

I would think $20-100 would be fair although I have seen it get no offers and have seen a price higher than $100.

04 Apr 2010 189

Wee Folks Peter Rabbit Series

Q:  In your opinion what would be the value of a Third Edition Altemus Peter Rabbit? I have attached a picture of the actual copy, it seems to be in very rough condition. Thank you so much for your time and help.

A:  This Peter Rabbit Series book is quite common. Because of that it does not have much value.

Without a dust jacket it usually sell for less than $25. In poor shape probably a lot less.

03 Apr 2010 57

Boys and Girls Classics (new)

Q:  after looking at your website I decided you were the most knowledgeable one to ask about this piece of literature (Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm). It was a gift to my great grandma from her aunt, then to my aunt (who recently pasted), then to me. I just got it yesterday and am about to start reading it. I plan on putting it in my safe for someone told me it was a valuable book. I tried to research it and the only luck I've had is seeing pages from the book on a national geographic web page and another antique web page was selling 4 illustrated pages from the book for $10 each. I have not been able to find any other information on it. If you could tell me more about the book, what it may be valued at, and the best way to preserve it so the pages and cover don't fall out (the first page, which I sent you a picture of, is the only one that has became unattached from the binding) it'd be much appreciated.

A:  You can find your book here Boys and Girls Classics . It is a late reprint.

It is not especially rare or valuable. This particular cover was published between 1908 and the early teens.

Generally when this book sells at all, it is for less than $20. With its original box the price would be significantly more.

If you have other questions, let me know.

02 Apr 2010 180

Vademecum Series

Q:  Is there anyway you can tell me if this old book of my grandmothers is worth anything and when it was published? Tanglewood Tales

A:  Your book can be found here with the 1904 books. It is part of the Vademecum Series. This long running series of reprints generally changed covers yearly.

Series 180

It only has nominal value.

01 Apr 2010 47

Beauxarts Series

Q:  I have this wonderful book. It does not have a date of publication anywhere that I can find.

It was given as a gift on December 25, 1897.

Could you help me with a publication date?

A:  This book was part of the Beauxarts Series. This was a publisher's series of reprints.

Your book was published in 1897.

See Series 47 for more details.

31 Mar 2010 162

Sanspareil Series

Q:  I just found this book in a box of old books of my Grandmother. Title is "House of Seven Gables" published by Henry Altemus Manufacture, Philadelphia. There is no publishing date. What can you tell me about it?? Is it worth taking to a book dealer or trying to sell it on e-bay?

A:  This book is part of the Sanspareil Series. The books of this publisher's series of reprints originally had dust jackets.

Your book can be found here: Series 162

It was published in 1898.

It has only nominal value.

30 Mar 2010 79

Esperance Series

Q:  I have a copy of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Altemus Esperance Series, in the original box. Henry Altemus Company 1896. Green with embossed leaves, the title in gold. Someone has inscribed it on an inside cover page "To dear Bessie with love from cousin Carrie, Christmas 1912, and included a gift card inscribed Bessie. Other than that it is in pristine condition. The box is very, very good with only one small tear to the edge. The original label is on the box in very very good condition. How would I go about finding the value and selling it?

A:  This book and series can be found at Esperance Series
Books of this series with the original box usually sell for between $10-50.

In fairness though, you really just never know regarding the top or bottom of the price range.

I have included a picture of a box and a book from this series the questioner did not provide a picture for me.

29 Mar 2010 184

Waistcoat Pocket Series

Q:  I would like some information about my Henry Altemus Co. book. I could not find it on your website...

It is a suede bound small book called "Songs of Shakespeare" Philadelphia copyright 1906 by Henry Altemus. It is still in the box, covered with a sheer paper cover, the edges and title are gold gilt. It is a collection of sayings from characters in Shakespeare's works. I don't think it's ever been fully out of the box.

It is only 4.5" x 3".

A:  Your book is part of the Waistcoat Pocket Series and can be found here in the Format 3 books: Series 184

Usually these books bring only nominal dollars but with a nicely labeled box it might sell for as much as $20-35.

21 Mar 2010 57

Boys and Girls Classics

Q:  I am hoping that you will be able to tell me a little something about a book I have that belonged to my grandmother. I have been searching the internet but haven't found anything that has the same cover as mine. It is an 1897 copy of Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass", cloth covered. I have attached some pictures.

Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks so much.

A:  Your book is part of the Boys and Girls Classics. See Series 57. You can see in the pictures covers that match yours.

It was published in sometime between 1908-1926. The ads in the back can help you determine exactly when.

The books of this series originally came in a floral decorated box which can be seen in the picture section.

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