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The following are questions submitted via email by our visitors.

If you have a question about Altemus books that you'd like answered please click on the Questions link at the bottom left of this page.

We recommend that those inquiring about the identification of a particular book format send pictures along with their question.


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Questions & Answers
Date Series Num Information
07 Jun 2012 180

Vademecum Series

Q:  This book was in my Grandfather's book collection. Could you tell me a little about it? It's missing the copyright page, but has the Altemus Publishing Company page inside the book. It's Uncle Tom's Cabin. Thanks so much.

A:  Your book is part of the Vademecum Series and was published in 1907. Originally it came within a labeled box. These books came in multiple colors and any one of more than 40 possible paste-on pictures have been seen on the cover.

All of the books from this series are reprints and thus for the most part have little value. Some volumes such as Alice in Wonderland are worth a bit more because of the significance of the title.

For more information see ../vademecum.htm.

03 Jun 2012 143

Petit Trianon Series

Q:  Hi, I was looking for information on this book. The copyright reads 1899 on the side of the inside cover picture, but beyond the title- Black Beauty, the author and publisher of Henry Altemus, there is no information. Could you fill in the gaps about this book and it's worth?

A:  Your book is from the Petit Trianon Series and was published in 1899.

See ../series/series143.htm

The books of this series originally came in a labeled box. It is a reprint and only has nominal value.

01 Jun 2012 58

Boys and Girls Classics Series

Q:  Hello,
I have looked all over your site and cannot find the cover similar to the Black Beauty book we own. Attached is a picture of the cover. The book has no missing pages but does not have a published date page.

On the title page it has

Henry Altemus Company

Which according to your site it was published after 1900. Can you give us an idea of its age and value?

A:  You can find your book here: ../series/series58.htm

It is part of the Boys and Girls Classics Series which was published between 1899-1906. Based on the ads in the back of the book you should be able to date this book rather easily. (Look at the chart at the link above.)

Your book is a reprint and generally only sells for a few dollars.

30 May 2012 143

Petit Trianon Series

Q:  Here are a couple of pictures of the book I have. Thank you in advance for your help.

A:  Your book is from the Petit Trianon Series and was published in 1899.

See ../series/series143.htm

The 1899 books have a stereotyped pattern on the left side of the cover. On the right half of the cover are various decorative patterns or floral designs.

The books of this series originally came in a labeled box. It is a reprint and only has nominal value.

29 May 2012 179

Vademecum Series

Q:  Trying to find the value of this thanks: can't find a copy of this cover. Thanks:)

A:  This book (Undine) is from the Vademecum Series. ../series/series179.htm

The cover is characteristic of the 1895 publications and has been seen in numerous colors.

Since it is a reprint and the title is not is in great demand, this book only has nominal value.

12 May 2012 196

World's Classics Series

Q:  History of book by Henry Altemus Company:
It is 6 inches by 4 1/2 inches -- Outside is a felt material
Inscribes with Gold Leaf - Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin with a flower on the bottom right side (Gold Leaf)
A picture of Benjamin on the 3rd page
287 pages, no series numbers, no advertisements in back

A:  This book is part of the World's Classic Series and was published between 1912 and 1916. The limp velvet calf has been seen in both green and red. It is a reprint. Originally the book came in a labeled box.


Altemus published a number of series that are very similar exact for the gold gilt decoration on the bottom right of the front cover.

In this condition it has no value.

09 May 2012 141

Petit Trianon Series

Q:  In digging more, we have also found the book published by Henry Altemus. It is Letters, Sentences and Maxims of Lord Chesterfield. This book is not in great condition as the first few pages are loose from the binding. I have looked on your web site and cannot find this at all. Thanks for your help with this.

A:  This book is from the Petit Trianon Series (../series/series141.htm) and was published in 1895-1896. It originally came in a labeled box. During these years the left side of the book remained constant while the right side had numerous different decorative and floral patterns. In fact, as of this time, I have seen twelve different right cover halves.

Because it is a reprint, it has only nominal value.

08 May 2012 166

Slip in the Pocket Classics

Q:  Can you tell me anything about this book? I couldn't find it on the website.

A:  The Classics Series (../series/series69.htm) and later the Slip in the Pocket Series (../series/series166.htm) were first published in 1907. Your book is from the first of the five different formats and was published in the 1907-1909 era. It originally came with a dust jacket. To date this book exactly you need to be able to see the advertisements on the back of the dust jacket.

Regardless, it is a reprint and has only nominal value.

07 May 2012 163

Sanspareil Series

Q:  I just purchased this book at a vintage book shop. There is no date that I can find in the book and I am curious as to when it's from.

A:  Your book is from the Sanspareil Series (../series/series163.htm) and was published in 1899. It was part of this large publisher's series of reprints. During this year there were a number of different cover colors. The books of this series originally came with a dust jacket. A sample is shown below.

Because the books are all reprints, they have little value.

15 Apr 2012 179

Vademecum Series

Q:  I just found this book while cleaning my book shelf, and wondered about it's value..history, etc. I'm sending additional photos of title and publishing.

A:  This book is part of the Vademecum Series. It was published in 1898.

During this year this cover pattern was published in a number of different colors.

It is a reprint and thus has only nominal value.

See ../series/series179.htm

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